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Why is the WC22 NFT collection so special?

By November 7, 2022No Comments

WC22 is the first NFT collection of the Crypto Football play-and-earn game and it will be the most special and powerful Football Players collection ever.


It is a collection of 512 Professional Football Players that represent 16 football players from 32 teams that are playing in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The collection is allocated in four rarity groups: Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common.

Differences between rarity groups depend on how many skill points they have on the mint, and what is the maximum of the skills they can be upgraded to.

No other NFT Football Players collections will have that maximum of skill points in the future. Only WC22.

Also, WC22 gives the opportunity of playing quartal tournaments where the prize will be the income from five GoF NFTs placed into a special WC22 wallet. Read about the GoF in our Lightpaper.

That is not all. The owners of the WC22 NFTs will be whitelisted for all future Crypto Football Football Players collections.

Finally, the owners of the WC22 NFT will have a discount on the in-game advertising space in the Crypto Football game.

If you are reading about Crypto Football, here is some additional information.

So, Crypto Football is a fun mobile, player vs. player, football (soccer) game. You can download the game on Google Play or Apple Store.
– Google

It is in the beta (should we say bear market) phase, and we are working very hard on it. Follow our development progress here.

Crypto Football has two types of 3D Football players: the Starters and the Pros. The Starters are the generic players that all new users get when they make a profile in the Crypto Football game. All of them are the same regarding their skill attributes: power, aim, and time.

Professional Football Players are NFTs. They can be bought or sold on the NFT marketplace. Also, their skill attributes can be changed, or precisely – improved.

Crypto Football users will be able to improve their Professional Football Players by spending Meta tokens. As an outcome, players can get better scores in Crypto Football matches and potentially higher prizes in the Official Season and Tournaments.

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