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What is the WC22 NFT Collection?

By September 27, 2022November 7th, 2022No Comments

It is the first NFT collection of Professional Football Players in the Crypto Football play and earn game.

You should know that this is not an ordinary NFT collection meant to be sold to NFT collectors or NFT traders. It can be, but, WC22 Football players are the real football players, like real 3D characters, that players of the Crypto Football game will use to score more goals, win more matches and win more BOLA tokens at the of the Official Season. Or, they will upgrade and sell them on the NFT marketplace.

Let’s go back a few steps.

So, Crypto Football is a fun mobile, player vs. player, football (soccer) game. You can download the game on Google Play or Apple Store.
– Google

Be aware, it is in the beta phase, and we are working very hard on it. Feel free to help us find some bugs, and possibly win rewards for that.

How do you play Crypto Football?

It is very easy to play. After registration, claim your free tickets in the Shop and go to Multiplayer and PvP game mode. Wait for the other player, put your finger on one of your football players, choose the power of the kick, and kick direction and that’s it. Try to make less mistakes than your opponent. Finally, try to score more goals than others.

Disclaimer: don’t break your phone if you miss a clear shoot. Just practice, you will be better with every match.

Where is the NFT here? Where is the earn here?

Actually, we are trying to make a different play2earn game, to make it sustainable and long-lasting. So, basically, our focus is on the play part of this popular industry. The players will, of course, earn.

So, we are using NFT technology to enable ownership of digital assets in the game. Crypto Football players will earn, find or buy their Professional Football Players and upgrade their attributes.

Another way for players to earn while having fun and playing Crypto Football is by winning the highest places on the Major Leaderboard at the end of the Official Season. The prizes for the winners in the Official Season will be in BOLA, our crypto token.

Try and get your favorite WC22 player, level it to the max, and use it to overwhelm your opponents!

A Little bit about the project roadmap

We have been public since September. In the beta phase, testing the game while we are developing it. Right now we are implementing the so-called League system which will improve our matchmaking system. After that, we are gonna start with the implementation of the NFT system. Parallel with that, we are fixing a ton of small bugs that our testers and loyal community reveal to us.

The next big date is November 20th when we will launch our crypto token called BOLA. It will be done during the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar.

Speaking of Qatar…

Here is more about WC22 Collection

This NFT collection will be a limited edition, there will be a total of 512 NFTs, 16 for each World Cup team. The skills of these Football Players will be upgradable to a full 10–10–10 (power, aim, time), which is exclusive to this collection only.

To celebrate the completed sale of Genesis Collection, during the World Cup in Qatar, there will be a WC22 Tournament with a valuable prize — 1 God of Football NFT! What’s that? Another not-so-ordinary NFT collection, offering you a way to gain a part of the CF project entire revenue! Find more in our communities on Discord and Telegram.

Who is going to be the first to get his, or any other participating country’s favorite player? Make haste, the collection is limited!

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