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Let’s warm up these cold bearish days!

By November 8, 2022No Comments

The World Cup in Qatar is coming, so let’s watch the biggest sports tournament this year, play Crypto Football, have fun and win valuable prizes by winning against players from other web3 teams and communities.


Crypto Football is calling web3 projects, teams, and communities to apply for the Web3 World Cup Tournament (WWCT)!

It is free to play, it is fun to play and you can win NFTs, in-game tokens, and other valuable assets of the Crypto Football play-to-earn game.

How to participate?

The best way is to announce in your community that your team will participate in the WWCT if any of your members want to play. Then call interested community members to fill out the registration form which is HERE, and that is all. We will ask all registered players to join our Discord channel dedicated to WWCT to provide them with further information.

Besides that, we can do more actions and make some noise! For that, we will invite you to our Discord #WWCT channel for discussion and further annotations about the tournament.

The deadline for applications is November 24th.

You can start practicing your skills in the Crypto Football game straight away. Find it on Google Play or Apple Store, download it, register a profile, and practice, practice, practice.

You are welcome to our community on Telegram and Discord. Also, check our website, and find the Lightpaper and other useful data about our project.

What are the rules of WWCT?

Every team has 5 players who have the team name in their profile names in the game. For example: “MisterPixi-CF”, where “MisterPixi” is the player name, and “CF” is the team name abbreviation.

Firstly, we will play a qualification tournament to find the best teams.

Every player has 20 matches to play during the 24h of the Qualification WWC Tournament against other players in the tournament. The win gives you 3 points, draw 1, and defeat – zero. The match duration is 3 minutes. The total score of a team is the sum of all points of that team’s members.

After 24 hours of Qualification WWCT, we will play a Final WWCT which will be open only to the players of the best teams in Qualifications.

What are the prizes?

META: Every registered player on the WWCT will get free Meta in-game tokens to buy formations, or to save them for upgrading NFT Professional Football Players that will be implemented in the game by the end of the year.

The total amount of Meta tokens that will be distributed during the WWCT is 100.000.

WC22 NFT: The best two players in Qualifications win 1 WC22 NFT each, and more Meta in-game tokens.

WHITELIST: All players that have qualified for the Final WWCT will be whitelisted for minting WC22 – Crypto Football’s very first NFT collection of Professional Football Players. The teams will have 3 more WL places for other community members who are not playing WWCT. Please, read about the WC22 collection HERE.

GoF NFT: The best team in the WWCT Finals wins 1 GoF NFT which is 1% of the Ownership wallet, the most valuable wallet of the Crypto Football project. About Ownership wallet and The Gods of Football (GoF) NFT collection, read in our Lightpaper HERE. That NFT will be distributed to the community or team wallet.

The best three players of the Finals will win 1 WC22 NFT each.

FREE IGA SPACE: If your team has officially applied for the WWCT, you have the opportunity to place your team/project/community logo in the Crypto Football game during some period while the World Cup in Qatar lasts. The period will depend on the number of interested teams.

Are there any conditions for participation in WWCT?

Spread the word that WWCT applications are open in your community. Talk with your community members and moderators, and project owners, reach out to the team, and fill out the application form.

During the tournament, every player will need to share results from one of their matches on their social media and send the link to our Discord or Telegram channels.

That’s all folks. See you on the field.

CF Team