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Crypto Football Game development progress

By March 19, 2023No Comments

19 Mar 2023v3.0.5

  • The Major Leader Board shows player rankings in a week’s time
  • The number of Tickets that players were supposed to watch ads for has been decreased
  • The rewards system has been optimized
  • Your turn indicator is incorporated.
  • Tutorial system 2.0 implemented (text info behind question mark on several screens in the game + new HOW TO video).
  • Tournament matchmaking is fixed.
  • Forced logout & login for every new build.
  • Restart the matchmaking system every 10 seconds.
  • Miss feature changed to 2.0 system.
  • Skill points pricing 2.0 incorporate
  • The number of Tickets changed
  • Number of daily Meta for claim changed
  • Loading jokes are incorporated into the starting screen.
  • Crypto Football dApp incorporates on the website (connect wallet, swap BOLA to Meta, buy BOLA).
  • Bug fixes.


2 Feb 2023v2.9.5

  • My team feature incorporated with a new process line before matchmaking.
  • WC22 NFT collection incorporated in the game.
  • Players sector in My team was established with the ability to recognize WC22 NFT Football Players from the players wallet, to change your team’s composition, to upgrade skill attributes of your football players, to rename your football players.
  • Incorporated team skill points system which is calculated as the average number of skills of all selected footballers in the team and goes in the range from 1.0 to 10.
  • The formations sector allows players to change the starting formation of the team.
  • Starter Football Players reset to 1-1-1 skills and the maximum for their upgrade is set to 3-3-3. 
  • Pricelist 1.0 for the upgrading skill points incorporate (level 2 costs 200 Meta, level 3 – 300, 4 – 400, 5 – 500, 6 – 600, 7 – 700, 8 – 800, 9 – 900, and level 10 cost 1000 Meta) 
  • The Power data system 2.0 has been incorporated.
  • The Aim data system 2.0 has been incorporated, details will be soon in the project Lightpaper.
  • “MISS!” message is incorporated in the game when the Aim data system triggers the “impreciseness” of the players kick. 
  • The Aim data system 2.0 has been incorporated, details will be soon in the project Light paper.
  • The amount of Meta that can be claimed daily for free has been reduced to 100.
  • The size of the players and the ball in the game is slightly changed.
  • Blue-red home-guest indicators have been added below the football players and behind the players names in the match.
  • Advertisements have been added to the field.
  • Jokers have been removed from the game and the project.
  • Bug fixes


11 Nov 2022 – v2.6.0

  • Matchmaking screen info updated so that it shows Official Season and Tournament active matches separately
  • Matchmaking bugs fixed 
  • The total number of daily matches for Tournament and Official Season was intertwined, fixed
  • In-match ping info is now available for both the player and the opponent
  • Profile customization now allows the username to be changed
  • Bug fixes


1 Nov 2022 – v2.5.9.

  • Added a video tutorial for new players
  • Added an “active games” counter to the matchmaking screen
  • Fixed a problem with the wrong score being shown after a match is over
  • The playing field has been zoomed in for an overall better gaming experience
  • Updated WC22 3D model in Practice mode
  • Player server connection improved
  • Tournament notification on the home screen when there is an active tournament
  • Bug fixes


20 Oct 2022 – v2.5.4.

  • Fixed early match exit on some devices
  • Fixed gestures navigation problem on some devices
  • Leagues Leaderboard filter improved
  • Tournament Leaderboard fixed
  • The tournament creation dashboard improved with new options
  • The goal post bug fixed 
  • Added in-match “Surrender” option
  • Added “beta version” sign on the home screen
  • Added in-match emoticons system for communication


19 Oct 2022 – v2.5.1.

  • Added a new unique 3D model from the upcoming WC22 NFT collection in Practice mode
  • Improved the pause function in the game
  • Improved player and ball handling
  • Bug fixes 


8 Oct 2022 – v2.4.7.

  • There was a problem that on some devices in-match the first kick was way too strong – fixed
  • On some devices, after goal formation is not changed – fixed
  • The online player counter was not accurate  – fixed


6 Oct 2022 – v2.4.5.

  • Fixed inconsistencies in player movements and shooting power
  • Matchmaking improvements and stability enhancements
  • Fixed game disconnect issues on some devices when the match starts 
  • Added “players in the game” counter on the matchmaking screen
  • Added in-match pause system


6 Oct 2022 – v2.4.2.

  • User Panel updates and new features (reset and change password)
  • Improved matchmaking
  • Bug Fixes


4 Oct 2022 – v2.4.0.

  • Introducing Player Leagues 
  • Leaderboards divided by leagues
  • Prevented same account login on multiple devices
  • Improved matchmaking
  • Player settings loaded cross-device
  • Bug fixes 


24 Sept 2022 – v2.3.8.

  • Players can test the game without an account
  • Leaderboard filter function improvement
  • Stability improvement in the Official Season mode  
  • Bug fixes


20 Sept 2022 – v2.3.3.

  • Added Tournament mode and Tournament Leaderboard
  • Private Match mode – players can now invite other players to play against each other 
  • Improved matchmaking
  • Extended statistics on the Leaderboard
  • Added referral code on account registration
  • Added share option for referral code 
  • Added share option for game summary


18 Sept 2022 – v2.3.0.             

  • First V2 release
  • PvP mode