What is Crypto Football?

CF is a fun football-themed mobile game in which a player plays against other players in order to climb up the leaderboard. With simple commands, they use their soccer player to shoot the ball into their opponent’s goal.


It is a Play-and-Earn game inspired by a billiard-based arcade!

On what blockchain is CF built?

Still finding the best option for our community.

What device is CF playable on?

Crypto Football is playable on Android and iOS.

Is it free to play?

Crypto Football is free to play.

What wallet do I need to play CF?

For playing the game, you simply have to install the app on your device. But, if you want to claim rewards, you will have to connect your Metamask wallet.

How to make in-game purchases?

Making in-game purchases is super easy, all you have to do is buy our token and with it, you can buy everything in-game with just a few clicks. Basically, there are 2 ways:

  1. Crypto method: you can buy a BOLA token and convert it to META on our website.
  2. Fiat method: you can buy META with your credit card (like in any other mobile game).

How do I earn as a player?

Players earn by being paid out in the rewards at the end of the Official Season (1 month long) in BOLA Token, a crypto token tied to this project.

Players make money by trading football players that rely on NFT technology – they buy or get one, upgrade their attributes, and then resell them.

There are other earnings that fall into the domain of the crypto economy of the token itself, such as; a part of all sell transactions of BOLA tokens on the blockchain is sent to everyone who has a BOLA token in their wallet, the so-called reflections.

How many revenue streams does Crypto Football have, as a project?

  1. Within the game, there is an in-game token, a coin, that you can use to buy everything in the game – crests, formations, and tickets for playing matches. It’s called Meta. In order for players to get Meta, they need to get it through achievements within the game or buy it. When they buy it, the funds they gave (and it can be ordinary money using a credit card or BOLA crypto token) flow to the project on the so-called transit META wallet.
  2. Another source of income is selling NFT soccer players and charging a commission (royalties) for reselling those soccer players. A player gets or buys a football player, improves him so that he has a stronger shot, for example, and then sells him to another player. The project gets a certain percentage of that sale, and all the income goes to the so-called transit NFT wallet.
  3. Renting in-game advertising (IGA) space. As in real football, there is a lot of space for advertising within the game. Billboards, seats on the field, sponsors for whole seasons, golden goal, etc. can be rented. All revenue from the sale of IGA (regardless of whether in BOLA token or fiat money) flows into the transit IGA wallet.
  4. The project also makes money from players watching in-game ads – they watch them and get certain assets needed to progress in the game.
  5. Sell ​​transactions of BOLA tokens are taxed.

Do you have an NFT collection?

We have 2 NFT collections. One is the WC22 NFT collection of playable NFT players and the other one is GoF (Gods Of Football). More collections are coming.

GoF is an NFT collection with a total supply of 100 NFTs. Owning 1 GoF gives you 1% of all revenue from the OWW wallet, having 2 is like owning 2% etc.

What is the Ownership Wallet (OWW)?

It’s the web3 way of having ownership over something.

OWW is something like a profit budget line. The profit (let’s say) is taken immediately after the transaction occurs. Following the Income Distribution Plan, 15% of all revenue received from the sale of in-game tokens is declared as “profit” and sent to OWW.

Likewise, following the Income Distribution Plan, profit is taken from the income generated from NFT football players as well as from the sale of advertising space.

What is the WC22 NFT collection?

The first collection of Pro’s will be offered in a presale by the WC22 name. This NFT collection will be a limited edition. The skills of these players can be upgraded to a full 10-10-10, which is exclusive to this collection only.

To celebrate the completed sale of the Genesis Collection, there will be a tournament with a valuable prize of 1% OWW for the winner!

Additionally, frequent Genesis-only CF Tournaments will be held with various exciting prizes.

How much BOLA is allocated for player rewards?

The Tokenomics rewards wallet has 10M BOLA at the start of the project.

How exactly that is on a monthly basis is not yet defined. The Rewards data system is being developed, which will be an algorithm that takes into account the number of players in the season, the stage of project development as well as the price of BOLA tokens, with the aim of ensuring sustainability, consistency, and uniformity of rewards for a long period of time.

It is very important that a certain percentage of funds are separated from each source of income following the Income Distribution Plan and sent to the Rewards wallet and time to ensure that the reward fund grows as the project grows.

How long will the Beta Phase of CF last?

The beta phase will last until we implement all of the important features defined in the Lightpaper.